Yuma Guma

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Music video for Yuma Guma

Coming for you

Production : Bengale
Direction : Robin de Corbière
Editing : Robin de Corbière
3D animation : Robin de Corbière, Boris Ramonguilhem
Calibration : Arthur Girard

"Coming For You" is a crazy music video, directed and produced by Bengale for the band Yuma Guma. For the release of their EP, they wanted to make a crazy clip that would retrace their summer. Between vacation memories, iPhone images, reportage and 3D animation, our post-production team had carte blanche to build this audiovisual object to the rhythm of this heady and catchy hit.

No budget, but full of ideas: in the summer of 2019, while the group goes on tour in Mexico, we entrust them with an original pair of glasses. A decision that paid off as we were able to collect an impressive amount of offbeat and unusual footage, featuring this pair of glasses. This object is at the center of our film and its retro-futuristic design sets the tone for a dynamic montage and psychedelic graphics.

Discover this film and dive into a fantastic, extravagant but unpretentious universe!

Coming for you

Music clip

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