faq bengale

A name that exists and that makes a difference, that makes noise too! The fires and the tiger! 

But not only that... even if we have never been there, one place has always fascinated us: the largest delta in the world, where the sacred Ganges River flows into the Indian Ocean. The endemic animal species, the power of the water, and finally, the most impressive graveyard of giant ships, where small hands dismantle the largest cargo ships in the world. An extraordinary region where the beauty of a unique ecosystem and the degeneration of the modern world are mixed together... This is the origin of the name of our studio: Bengale !

Robin de Corbière and Baptiste Glorion. Two producers, passionate about photography and filmmaking and surrounded by a galaxy of talented friends and partners!

Robin is the geek, the technical man who masters the moving image and video editing. He trained in Los Angeles, first in directing, then in production at Lionsgate. He is in love with his Mac Book and his camera !

Baptiste is the salesman, the one who tells the story, reassures the team and manages the photography. He trained in Grande école and learned photography on the field. He is in love with the world and his film cameras!

Bengale works mainly with brands, communication agencies, media, associations and artists. We offer our clients a "transmedia" approach including photos, videos, 3D & motion. We like the idea of gravitating towards different types of productions, whether artistic or commercial, in order not to get stuck. Our principle is to remain curious.

It really depends on the objective of your video and especially on its means of distribution. But generally speaking, you have to be concise, impactful and clear. For an effective digital communication on social networks, favor the duration of less than 30 seconds, use titling, and declined your video in format ⅘, 1/1 and 9/16 (story).

Yes, we make moodtapes and showreels for brands and agencies. Just send us a selection of videos and an editing brief and we will take care of a complete post-production with music, skinning and animated titles.