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Marie Vinay


Marie Vinay is a 31 year old French director. She first directed documentaries in the world of fashion, while working with images through photography. Today she collaborates with many brands (Dior, Longchamp, LVMH, etc.) and media to tell stories, often about women (actresses, models, entrepreneurs...)

After a teenage years in Australia, and ten years between Los Angeles and Paris, she currently lives in Marseille, where she is finishing a documentary on sexuality.

Marie wrote, directed and produced the project "Be a Man", a film with the triple world champion of Kick-boxing Cédric Doumbé, to fight against violence against women.
She has directed many talents such as Kendall Jenner, Taylor Hill or the young and promising French actress Louise Chevillotte in her short film "Original Kid".
She also accompanies students with the Kourtrajmé school in Marseille. 

Having done a lot of theater herself, Marie knows how to direct actors and hold a narrative thread while taking care of the form with precision. 

Pierre Dal Corso


Pierre Dal Corso is an experienced French photographer. He studied art history and photography. After years of working as an assistant between New York and Paris, he started his career, dividing his time between fashion magazines, commercial assignments and personal projects. He currently lives between Paris and Hong Kong.

His favorite playground is fashion, portrait and beauty photography. He can express himself with all the tools available in order to realize his own vision. Moving away from existing stereotypes, he tends to give the female body a strength, an assumed pride and an almost iconic sensuality. A direct simplicity that presents an organic, delicate and timeless photo.

For the past few years, he has also been producing short formats for the beauty industry.

Theo Saffroy


Theo is a French photographer and director.
Coming from documentary photography, his approach is centered on the human.
He photographs the "real" to document isolated and singular ways of life. In this sense, he wishes to propose a positive and inclusive look at our society.

As an adventure photographer and portraitist, he gets closer to new artisans and intellectuals, to realize creative and frank brand contents. He also realized several subjects around the sport and the commitment.

Valentin Plisson


After completing an MFA Direction in the USA, Valentin began directing several short films, commercials and music videos. He particularly values directing actors. He likes to tell stories that rely on character interpretation. He pays particular attention to storytelling, without forgetting the quality of the image. To make each project unique and give it depth, he proposes an atmosphere, colorimetry and grain that sets it apart. He has directed two short films selected by film festivals. While continuing his work in advertising, he is preparing his first feature film.

Georges Hauchard-Heuttes

DOP and director

Georges Hauchard-Heutte is a 27 year old director / cinematographer.

After studying for a BTS in Image, where he acquired the technical skills needed to film and set the scene, he went on to study at Direction at the Ecole de la Cité, to put technique at the service of artistry.

Trained as a camera operator, he specializes in documentaries, reports, but also in fashion, music videos and fiction.
His style mixes the aesthetics of fiction with a documentary approach.

The dirty business


A collective of 3 directors based between Paris and Istanbul.

Television, Clips, commercials, institutional films,... their experience as technicians gives them the versatility to tackle the constraints of a project and explore its creative horizons with confidence.

They like offbeat universes marked by a touch of absurd humor as well as bright, colorful and acidulous artistic directions.

They work with a trusted team and enjoy adapting to our clients' needs.


Hugo Denis-Queinec