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Bengale is an audiovisual production studio located in Paris, Marseille and Porto.

Our expertise in all areas of audiovisual production and the adaptability of our teams and our equipment means that we have the versatility and agility meet all your video, photo and 3D needs.

To reach viewers with impactful, cross-channel video content. To add charisma and depth to your message. To help promote your products or services. To be a responsive partner and to produce quickly, to get your message out in the shortest time possible... That's why we created Bengale. 

Do you want to create something beautiful? Do you want to break the codes? Do you want to make noise? Keep browsing

A production solution tailored
to each of your goals

Tell YOUR story

Audiovisual productions to talk about your brand, yourself or your values.

Present your product

Audiovisual productions to promote and enhance your products or services.

Captivate your audience

Audiovisual productions to share your message at an event or on a special occasion.

agile and
production studio

Our expertise is multiple and varied in order to offer global audiovisual production services.
We conceive films. We shoot the backstage. We insert 3D animations... everything so that your brand or your message can have a maximum of material to capitalize on.


Advertising films, product films, manifestos, reporting, interviews, clips, captures, backstage, reporting...


Still Lifes, lifestyle, backstage, product packshots, advertising campaigns, portraits, beauty... 


Layout, titling, motion design, 3D animation, 3D images, 3D modeling and visualization

invest in production,
not in meetings

A shorter production chain

Sometimes, it is necessary to break away from traditional processes and structures.

Bengale responds to this need and shortens the chain. This allows us to concentrate on the essentials and to deliver quality work more quickly.

beyond your expectations


We always go beyond the limits of your initial specifications.

Based on your specifications, we seek to use resources which are already in place in order to make the most of your budget.

Adapted to your needs


Do you have long-term project or do you need it by tomorrow? Anything is possible. We've done it before.

We adapt our production methods to meet your needs.

Studio production and services without borders

Our audiovisual production studio has been operating in Europe since 2016. By whom? Why? For whom?

de Corbière


Good production management
involves, first and foremost, surrounding yourself with the right people

These brands rely on Bengale,
and are leaders in their market

We look forward to meeting you

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