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Music video - Live capture for Why Mud

Direction and production of an interactive music video

Check out the films we produced for our friends at Why Mud.

Our first project was Direction , an interactive music video directed by the talented Romane Pineill. Our aim was to create an innovative music video in which the same love story develops and overlaps in four different multiverses. Viewers can thus navigate between four parallel dimensions that present the destinies, relationships and daily lives of the same couple.

Our work on this original project allowed us to implement innovative techniques and reveal our creative ambitions. We used a visual editing principle where the shot values and shapes on the screen are superimposed, giving a stylish effect and fluidity in the transitions.

We are particularly proud of our work on this project which is one of our first productions. We have created an interactive video that is sure to please all music and creativity lovers.

In a second step, our teams captured the band's concert live on a Parisian stage. We worked hard to capture the energy and emotion of the band live to create an immersive experience for the fans.

We hope that our work on this project will be appreciated by music fans and we look forward to collaborating with new bands to create new videos.


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Music video - Live capture
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