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Client Uber
Audiovisual production: Bengale
Photographer : Bengale
Production manager : Baptiste Glorion
Postproduction : Bengale

In 2015, on the occasion of the famous Cannes Film Festival, we had the honor of collaborating with Uber, the world's leading VTC service, to produce the Ubercopter social media campaign. During one day, we realized a photo shooting on the tarmac of the Paris heliport. The images were to feature our model, going from an ordinary car service to an extraordinary helicopter service (exclusively offered during this major international film event).

With a small and responsive team, we worked to produce stylish images that showcased this exclusive offering. Through this successful collaboration with Uber, we had the opportunity to showcase our audiovisual production expertise and our ability to meet our clients' requirements to deliver quality results.

This campaign was a real success and allowed Uber to promote their helicopter transportation service.

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Social Media and Influence Campaign
Lifestyle Shooting

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