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Music video - Photography for Superjava

The automobile of our time

We collaborated for two years with the music group SuperJava. For them, we produced and directed two videos and a series of photos to feed their different communication supports. The films and photos were used to promote the release of several singles as well as their first EP. Our creative proposal, developed in collaboration with the director Alexandre Humbert, was based on a central element: a red vintage Peugeot car, named Superjava.

For the first title of the group, we proposed a parody which took again the codes of the automobile commercials of the 70s. The story, very cliché, of a young couple who builds their memories, always accompanied by their faithful Superjava. A caricatured and overplayed staging, kitschy poses and a retro image transported the viewer into the television universe of the Glorious Thirty. To accompany the video, we created a poster campaign with the same dynamic, praising the sensual and sporty lines of this car, which is essential for a good start in life.

We are proud of this project, which was one of the first of the adventure Bengale. We worked as a family, with a small budget but a lot of ideas, to create unique visual content that contributed to the notoriety of the group.

The clip of Gone Away


The posters


The production agency Bengale in Paris directed a music video for the band Superjava.

The clip of All in All


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Image Promotion
Music video - Photography
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