Sara Loren

Social Media and Brand Content Campaign
Lookbook - Film produced for Sara Loren

Italian Brand Launch Campaign

Client Sara Loren
Production : Bengale
Agency : Résidence digitale
Direction Production manager : Baptiste Glorion
Production manager : Robin de Corbière
Director of photography : Georges Hauchard Heuttes
Editing : Arthur Girard
Calibration : Arthur Girard

Through the production of video content, we accompanied this young Italian jewelry brand in its first digital communication campaign. In collaboration with the agency Résidence Digitale, we imagined and produced two films.
On the one hand, an advertising film shot in a studio in Paris, during the photo shoot of the campaign. The objective: to present the collection in detail and show the finesse of the jewelry.
On the other hand, an interview with the designer, produced and directed in Paris in a warm natural setting. This second film allowed not only to engage a direct contact with consumers but also to make known the history of the brand and the inspirations of the designer.

The digital campaign


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Social Media and Brand Content Campaign
Lookbook - Product Film
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