Executive production
Photo shoot for SAMPHA

LAHAI album cover

Agency: DoBeDo Represents
Photographer: Durimel
Executive production : Bengale
Production Manager : Baptiste Glorion

We are very pleased and proud to have been chosen by the DoBedo Represents agency to handle the executive production of this photo shoot for the cover of the album Lahai, a new project by artist Sampha.

A poetic and inspiring visual story captured by the talented Durimel brothers.

Always on the lookout for the most beautiful light, between dog and wolf, we opted for an agile, instinctive production process that enabled us to respond quickly to the artists' requirements. The result: a two-day van trip along the Mediterranean coast in search of the most beautiful rays of light. The production proved particularly enjoyable, and our teams were able to deploy all their know-how, as well as their savoir-vivre, to offer an efficient production service and a welcome as warm as the final result.

Album cover & Story


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Executive production
Photo shooting
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