360 France Campaign
Shooting Studio - Advertising film for Rakuten

Club R Rakuten campaign

Client Rakuten
Production : Bengale
Agency : Josiane
Production Manager: Baptiste Glorion
Photographer and director : Hugo Denis-Queinec
Cinematographer : Alessandro Camillo
Montage : Bengale

In collaboration with the agency Josiane, we had the opportunity to design a photo and video advertising campaign for Rakuten. Our goal was to strengthen consumer engagement by building loyalty through the brand's Club R program.

This 360 campaign was composed of posters in Parisian transports, metro and buses, as well as a digital part with videos for their website and social networks. This second part allowed us to reach a larger audience and to reinforce the brand's notoriety on the web.

We are delighted to have been involved in this project and the very good results of the campaign which has effectively promoted the brand and its products.

Postering in the Paris metro


The digital campaign


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360 France Campaign
Shooting Studio - Advertising Film
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