Social Media Campaign
Nature Morte - Lifestyle - Packshot for Phyto

2 Years Of Creating Content For Social Networks

Client : Phyto
Production : Bengale
Production Manager : Arthur Girard
Artistic Director : Clémentine Mahé
Direction Artistic Director : Robin de Corbière
Photographers : Baptiste Glorion, Théo Saffroy, Katia Rabo
Cinematographer : Isaac Mazeran, Paul Coste
Editing : Robin de Corbière
Retouching : Baptiste Glorion

For two years now, our teams have been supporting the cosmetics brand Phyto in the creation and production of its digital content. Photography, video, motion design... we use a multitude of creative techniques to produce quality images and ensure that the brand has a constant and diversified voice on social networks.

This production of audiovisual content over the long term has required a permanent involvement and support support, as well as during the creation phases as well as during production and post-production of the images.



The lifestyle campaign


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Social Media Campaign
Still Life - Lifestyle - Packshot
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