New Crusaders

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Making of the short film the New Crusaders

Artist : Nat Jenkins
Audiovisual Production: Bengale
Director : Robin de Corbière
Production manager : Baptiste Glorion
Postproduction: Bengale

We are delighted to present our production work on the short film "New Crusader", directed by Nat Jenkins. We were asked to produce a making-of to capture the atmosphere of this unique adventure. The shooting took place in France, in Chinon. During one week, we had the chance to share intimate moments with a close-knit team and a legendary cast, composed of Luke Pritchard (The Kooks), Gus Unger-HamiltonAlt-J) and Flora Fishbach (Fishback).

For this making-of, we opted for a narration in the image of the film: a slightly strange story, out of time, and colorful characters. Thanks to a rhythmic editing and well thought transitions, we succeeded in retranscribing the atmosphere desired by the director.

Working closely with the film crew to capture every key moment of this extraordinary adventure, we used innovative production techniques to create never-before-seen footage, highlighting the artistic quality of the work and the unique atmosphere of the set.

This making-of offers a fascinating insight into the process of creating "New Crusader" and viewers will enjoy this immersion into the world of the film.

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Making Of - Teaser
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