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Manifesto for Mugo

Together Let's Act For Life

Client : Mugo
Production : Bengale
Direction : Bengale
Photographer : Baptiste Glorion
Cinematographer : Robin de Corbière
Images : Edgard Hollscior, Arthur Girard
Drone operator : Robin de Corbière
Editing : Arthur Girard
Calibration : Arthur Girard

For a year, we assisted this Parisian landscaping company with its digital communication. As the main content producer for the brand, our teams produced an advertising film, video reports and several photo shoots to feed
its website and social networks.
Between the photo portraits of women and men who work for a sustainable urban development, the videos of conferences bringing together actors of sustainable development, or the drone flights over the large green areas managed by Mugo, it was impossible to get bored with such an exciting project. We are very proud to have shared this experience with this committed and visionary company.



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