Social Media Campaign
Lookbook - Product film for Monsieur

2019 Collection

Production : Bengale
Artistic Direction : Résidence Digitale
Direction : Bengale
Photographer : Baptiste Glorion
Cinematographer : Isaac Mazeran
Editing : Robin de Corbière
Calibration : Arthur Girard

For an entire year, we accompanied the Parisian jewelry brand Monsieur by producing and directing video and photo content for their website and social networks. With the artistic direction of our creative partner, Résidence Digitale, we imagined and created two digital campaigns combining advertising, look-book, interview and handcraft video. Shooting in the heart of Paris, between nature and Haussmannian apartments, and organic editing that conveys the identity of this craft house.

The lifestyle campaign


Creation of photo and video content for social networks and the website of the jewelry brand Monsieur à PAris by the agency Bengale.

The real ones


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Social Media Campaign
Lookbook - Product Film
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