Social Media Campaign
Lookbook - Lifestyle shooting for Merlin

The Children's Speaker

Client : Merlin
Production : Bengale
Agency : Josiane
Production Manager: Baptiste Glorion
Photographer : Julia Grandperet

A photo shoot we did for the children's speaker brand Merlin. It is a great example of the variety of projects we work on. We want to remain able to cater to a wide range of subjects, scopes and budgets, even on a smaller scale.

This digital campaign was realized in collaboration with the creative agency Josiane and was designed specifically for the brand's social networks. We gathered a small and versatile team to transcribe in photos scenes of everyday life where children can fully enjoy Merlin's interactive speakers: breakfast, car ride, nap in the sun, etc.

We worked efficiently and economically to optimize this shoot and deliver the desired amount of images to the brand. The photos we produced are captivating, playful and perfectly summarize these moments of consumption.

The digital campaign


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Social Media Campaign
Lookbook - Lifestyle Shooting
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