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Video and Photo Report for Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque

Mission Rwanda 2016

Our audiovisual production company had the honor to work with the French association Mécénat chirurgie cardiaque during a humanitarian mission in Rwanda. Our teams followed the doctors of MCC during their trip to realize a photo report and the shooting of a video report, highlighting their work with the local populations.

We visited hospitals, attended cardiology consultations and interviewed surgeons to chronicle our visit to this historically charged Central African country. We wanted to convey a joyful and hopeful atmosphere, far from the usual clichés of humanitarian reporting in Africa. Through our images, we highlighted the association's efforts to modernize hospitals and train local doctors.

We are proud of the film we made and the photos we brought back. Our work allowed us to show the public the importance of the mission of the MCC association and to contribute to the awareness of health issues in Africa.

The promotional clip


The report


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