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Video Manifesto - Film produced for Lustral

Brand Manifesto

Here is the film that our teams produced for the cleaning service brand Lustral. Our goal was to highlight the human values and the diversity of services that this family business offers.

Under the direction of Théo Saffroy, our video takes you into the daily life of Lustral employees, through different jobs. Thanks to the split screen principle, we have created a parallel between concrete field operations and the strategic organization needed to ensure a quality, well-organized and impeccable service.

From the cleaning lady to the president to the regional salesman, every link in the chain is important to this company. Our message emphasizes that the often invisible cleaning and maintenance service is above all a profession of passion in the service of others.

We worked closely with the Lustral brand to create a video that embodies their commitment to service, representing first and foremost their employees. Whether in the field, in offices, schools, swimming pools or factories, we wanted to highlight the diversity of places where Lustral operates to provide superior service.



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Video Manifesto - Product Film
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