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The Stars Seekers

Production : Bengale
Direction Charlotte de Champfleury
Actors : Christine Citti, Beleina Win, John Mitchell
Director of photography : Marie-Laure Blancho
Chief electrician : Xavier Bru
Set designer : Bastien Forestier
Post-production : Bengale

This project was developed with Le Guide Michelin and directed by the talented Charlotte de Champfleury. This short film, of which we are very proud, was shown during the 2019 Michelin Guide Stars ceremony. Each year, it is during this event that the famous red book that gathers the stars of the guide is unveiled. It is an opportunity to reveal the new faces of world gastronomy and to honor the greatest names in cuisine.

This time, the Michelin Guide teams also wanted to thank the passionate inspectors who travel the world every day to evaluate the best restaurants.

We had two weeks to organize and produce this elegant and poetic little drama. The entire creative and technical team responded to the challenge: they perfectly captured the spirit of the brand and the director's intentions.

The short film


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