360° Campaign
Still Life - Nature Morte - Packshot for Lancôme

Members Day

Production: Bengale
Agency : iBlue Communication
Production manager : Robin de Corbière
Project manager : Yahya Ennouari
Photographer : Maxime Leyvastre
Lighting assistant : Arthur Jung
Digital assistant : Manon Clavelier
Set designer : Sandy Moreau
Studio : Le Studio Moderne
Make-up: Julie Villanova
Retouching photography: Agence Chic Paris

For this worldwide digital and print campaign, we chose traditional, elegant and effective photography. For this we called upon the talented photographer and fashion director, Maxime Leyvastre.
The conception and the realization of these images for the Lancôme house were realized in a record time. The goal was to shoot the entire project in one day, with only one week of preparation and five days of post-production. Thanks to the support and professionalism of our team and our partners, we produced and obtained all the elements of the scenography in one week: flowers, boxes, cards, marble. We were also fortunate to be able to count on one of the best post-production agencies in Paris.

The members day campaign


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360° Campaign
Still Life - Still Life - Packshot
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