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Interview - Report - Film produced for Lancaster

Unlock Regenerative Science

Client Lancaster
Production : Bengale
Agency : Iblue communication
Production Manager : Antoine Leblanc
Direction Production Manager : George Hauchard-Heutte
Cinematographer : George Hauchard-Heutte
Chief electrician : Maxime Vele
Editing : Bengale
Set designer : Bastien Forestier
Styling : Audrey Taillé

We present our latest collaboration with the agency Iblue Creative for the cosmetic brand Lancaster. A series of interviews that presents and details the know-how of the brand. The shooting took place over 2 days in Monaco where we captured the interviews as well as the "beauty" sequences with the models, necessary to highlight the brand's products.

Our goal was then to create a harmonious montage during the post-production phase, combining reportage footage, interviews, beauty shots and 3D images. The end result is a series of elegant and comprehensive films that highlight the products and the scientists behind the brand.

In short, we took up the challenge of producing complete scientific interviews with a polished aesthetic while relying on our know-how in filming and editing.

The main film


The variations


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360 Asia Campaign
Interview - Report - Product film
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