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Vlog - Video Report
for Hankook

All Roads Lead To Deauville

Client GQ
Production: Bengale
Direction : Tim Jarrosson
Production manager : Baptiste Glorion
Image : Georges Hauchard Heuttes
Editing : Tim Jarrosson
Calibration : Georges Hauchard Heuttes

Embark on a road trip to the Normandy coast!
GQ magazine, in partnership with Hankook, asked us to produce and direct this inspiring video. On the small country roads between Paris and Deauville, halfway between a car ad and a culinary report, discover the beauty of these landscapes through our cameras. Dynamic and inspiring images that required a certain ingenuity and quality equipment: suction cups, onboard cameras and drones. A shooting realized at full speed, at the wheel of the latest Audi model.

The Vlog


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Social Media and Media Content Campaign
Vlog - Video Report

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