Social Media Campaign
Mini Series - Tutorial - Teaser for Foodora

Creation of a mini video series for Foodora's social networks

For more than a year, we accompanied Foodora in the creation of audiovisual content for its communication on social networks. We produced and directed a series of films shot in several of their partner restaurants. For this, we had to work closely with the chefs to offer a sincere and gourmet culinary tutorial experience. Our teams scoured the streets of the capital and planned efficient and agile shoots. Using lightweight, adaptable professional equipment, we made professional quality films to showcase the delicious cuisine and unique experiences that each of these restaurants offers.

Our films were shot with careful attention to detail to capture the beauty of each dish and the ambiance of each restaurant. In some cases, we also interviewed the chefs or owners to learn more about their inspiration and passion for cooking.

We hope that these films will make you want to discover these restaurants and taste their incredible cuisine.

The film

First bite

Tutorial videos

Coup de food

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Social Media Campaign
Mini Series - Tutorial - Teaser
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