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Live capture for Feu! Chatterton

Opening act of the U2 World Concert

Client Universal Music Group
Artist : Feu ! Chatterton
Audiovisual production : Bengale
Direction : Georges Hauchard Heuttes
Event production : Agence La Riposte
Production manager : Baptiste Glorion, Robin de Corbière
Cinematographer : Isaac Mazeran
Chief electrician : Xavier Bru
Camera operators: Paul Coste, Arthur Girard, Isaac Mazeran, Georges Hauchard Heuttes
Stage manager: Swany Ynaws
Editing: Louison Mellec
Calibration: Eudes Quitellier

In only 48 hours, we produced this digital recording of Feu! Chatterton concert.
Broadcast live as the first part of the U2 concert, this film was shot in Paris, at the top of the Montparnasse Tower. For this unusual production, we relied on our network of experienced technicians and used high-performance camera equipment to obtain an image of exceptional quality.
We particularly enjoy working on this type of project because it gives us the opportunity to express our artistic ambitions but also to test our creative ideas.

Feu! Chatterton's concert


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Events and Social Media Campaigns
Live Capture
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