Image Promotion
Music video - Photography for Ferno

Direction the "La Féline" video clip and the cover of the "Un Paradis" EP for artist Fernõ

Artist : Fernõ
Audiovisual production: Bengale
Direction : Bengale
Production manager : Baptiste Glorion, Robin de Corbière
Cinematographer : Isaac Mazeran
Chief electrician : Xavier Bru
Postproduction: Bengale

For two years, we worked closely with the artist Fernõ to provide him with quality audiovisual content, supporting his promotion with demanding visuals. From an overall art direction reminiscent of Niki Larson and Miami Vice, we created a cartoonish, slightly retro video featuring female dancers. We also produced several photo shoots for her communication as well as for the cover of her latest EP. This strategy allowed Fernõ's team to communicate regularly on social networks and in the music media. We are proud to have contributed to the success of this artist and we are ready to take on new challenges with you!

The music video


The press portraits


The cover of the album


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Image Promotion
Music video - Photography
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