Fantastic Mister Zguy

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Music video - Live capture for Fantastic Mister Zguy

Direction and video clip production for an artist

Our creative collaboration with Fantastik artist Mister Zguy was an incredible experience that lasted almost two years. We had the opportunity to produce several clips and live recordings to feed his digital communication. Between Paris and New York, our creative and technical teams were able to render in images his relaxed universe and his simplicity.

During this collaboration, we had the chance to produce a wide variety of shoots, some more ambitious than others, but also some smaller team projects. After making three clips and a live recording, we were able to showcase a multitude of techniques and creative intentions that we are particularly proud of.

We worked hand in hand with Fantastik Mister Zguy to create unique and authentic audiovisual productions, perfectly reflecting his musical universe. We are delighted with this fruitful creative collaboration.

Tropical Truit

Music clip


Live capture

Zguy on the Silk Road

Music clip

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Music video - Live capture
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