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Video Report - Interview - 3D Animation for Eurosport

Jumping Cup Longines

Client Eurosport
Production : Bengale
Direction : Robin de Corbière
Production manager : Baptiste Glorion
Sports journalist : Jonathan Perrot
Image: Georges Hauchard Heuttes, Isaac Mazeran
3D animation: Boris Ramonguilhem
Editing: Robin de Corbière

For Eurosport, we produced and directed a series of short and educational videos presenting the most beautiful courses of the Longines international equestrian circuit, all over the world. Between interviews, reports and 3D animations, the public could discover these legendary competitions through the eyes of the greatest champions of the discipline. From the conception, to the writing, to the filming, to the 3D post-production and the musical composition, we were able to mobilize a large number of our skills and our
to bring this exciting project to fruition.


Video and 3D animation

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Media Content
Video Report - Interview - 3D Animation
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