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Next World Forum : The Center Of The Game

Client Saudi Esports Federation
Production : Bengale
Direction : Grandpa's Lab

We are proud to present our brand new 3D animation film, produced and directed for the Next World Forum 2022. This captivating film transports viewers into the epic and immersive world of video games to announce the launch of a major E-sports program in Saudi Arabia.

Our team has deployed all its know-how and creativity to offer a unique immersive experience to players and spectators. Through an exciting journey, you will discover the backstage of this E-sport program, its future projects, its values and its stakes.

Immerse yourself in a futuristic universe, inspired by our exchanges with the Saudi Arabian E-Sports Federation, and which testifies to our commitment to producing quality content on exciting and ambitious subjects.

Our original creation

3D Animation

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Visual Identity - Original Creation - Led Dressing
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