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Music video for Didacte

Saturn's secret

Artist : Didacte
Audiovisual production : Bengale
Director : Robin de Corbière
Production manager : Baptiste Glorion
Postproduction: Bengale

We made a music video with the artist Didacte. For the release of his track "Saturn Secret", we wanted to take the audience on a mystical and poetic journey through the great American West.

For two weeks, our team went on a road trip through the deserts of California and Arizona to produce this unforgettable shoot. Equipped with a camera, a set of three lenses, and a stabilizer, we wanted to bring these grandiose landscapes to life in harmony with the rhythm and poetry of the title.

Along the way, we captured the magical moments of this journey. It is in the post-production phase that nature comes to life, providing stunning visual effects that highlight the natural beauty of the environment and the artistic quality of the music.

We are confident that our collaboration with Didacte has resulted in a captivating music video that reflects the essence of the song while providing an immersive visual experience. We hope that this video will appeal to music fans and lovers of travel and adventure.

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Music video
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