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Teaser - Report for Coca-Cola

Copa Coca-Cola, First National Futsal Competition

Client Coca-cola
Production : Bengale
Agency : Courtside / Etendart
Producer : Robin de Corbière
Production Manager : Baptiste Glorion
Art Direction : Lisa Bordjha
Direction Camera : Georges Hauchard Heutte, Paul Coste, Benoit Blanchet

Camera assistant: Ludovic Maudet

Dronist: Yonathan Van der Voort
Editing: Edgard Hollscior and Alice Demaria

Coca-Cola and the French Football Federation set up the Copa Coca-Cola, the biggest outdoor futsal tournament ever organized in France. Over several months, we covered this event in several cities in France until the grand finale in Clairefontaine in September. In collaboration with CourtSide and Etendart, we produced several video and photo contents: a teaser to present the competition, a report on the final and a summary of the best moments of the competition.

The launch teaser



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Social Media Campaign
Teaser - Report
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