Social Media and Brand Content Campaign
Mini Series - Video tutorial for Ardbeg

Fred's Strange Cocktails

Client Ardbeg
Production : Bengale
Agency : Combat
Production Manager : Antoine Leblanc
Direction Production Manager : Georges Hauchard
Director of Photography : Georges Hauchard
Camera assistant : Arthur Girard
Chief electrician : Maxime Vele
Editor : Alice Demaria

For this last production Bengale of the year 2021, we have been asked by Les Inrockuptibles and the whisky brand Ardbeg.

Their goal: to highlight their latest vintage through several short tutorial videos that represent the identity of this Scottish brand.

From design to Direction, right through to final delivery, we completed every stage of production in less than ten days.

The result: a series of 3 one-minute videos in several formats to adapt to multi-platform distribution. Once again, thanks to the professionalism of our technical teams and our flawless responsiveness, we were able to successfully complete this project.

The series


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Social Media and Brand Content Campaigns
Mini Series - Video Tutorial
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