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Video Manifesto - Video report for Afriquia

Energy for Lions

Client Creative agency: Afriquia
Creative agency: Sportfive
Production : Bengale
Direction : Robin de Corbière
Cinematographer : Robin de Corbière, Thomas Bresteau
Postproduction: Bengale

In collaboration with the agency Sportfive, our production company produced and directed this promotional video for the brand Afriquia. The objective was to highlight the partnership between the African oil company, official sponsor of the Moroccan national soccer team, the Atlas Lions. The film entitled "Energy for the Lions" was shot in Marrakech and features the Moroccan people, former player Mustapha Hadji and the team's coach, Hervé Renard.

On the eve of the World Cup, our production team wanted to give voice to the team's staff to motivate the fans and feed the fervor of an entire country. We worked to bring to life this human and emotional film that highlights the sponsors while motivating the Moroccan people.

The video was created for broadcast on Afriquia's social networks to showcase and promote this unique partnership between the brand and the Moroccan national soccer team. We are proud of our collaboration with Sportfive agency and Afriquia brand for this project that has generated great emotion among soccer fans and the general public.

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Social Media Campaign
Video Manifesto - Video Report
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