World Bank Report

World Bank report 2019
Events - 3D animation - Visual identity for World Bank Report

3D Production: Creation of 3D animations for the World Bank conference

Production : Bengale
Production manager : Robin de Corbière
Direction Production Manager: Boris Ramonguilhem
Editorial Designer: Romain Papetti
Art Direction : Boris Ramonguilhem, Romain Papetti, Thomas Guillou
Editing : Boris Ramonguilhem

In 2019, our team produced and directed all of the 3D visual content for the LED screens at a World Bank conference in Saudi Arabia. We successfully met the challenge of transcribing the statistics and reports presented at the event into images. We also created an original video and an animated report to show the progress of Saudi Arabia in terms of economic attractiveness.

For this unique project, we carefully designed backgrounds to represent all the data, a walking loop to transition between each theme, and a jingle. The result is a modern and readable visual experience for the audience.

Data processing was one of the main challenges of this production. We had to ensure that the information presented was relevant and visually impactful. Our expertise in creating 3D visual content can add value to your business or event. Contact us to learn more.


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World Bank report 2019
Events - 3D animation - Visual identity
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