Saudi Green Initiative

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Visual Identity - 3D Animation - Screen Design for Saudi Green Initiative

Saudi Green Initiative Forum 2021

Client Saudi Green Initiative programme
Production : Bengale
Direction : Boris Ramonguilhem

Although Saudi Arabia is a major producer of fossil fuels, the country is preparing its ecological transition and is seeking to position itself as a pioneer in renewable energies, environmental protection and artificial intelligence in the service of life.

As part of its green ambition for 2060, Saudi Arabia is organizing a two-day event to present its actions to the international community. The event is composed of conferences and workshops.

Our mission was to create a 3D animated universe, visually immersive and striking, while offering a clear and modern readability to the spectator of the event.

Launching film

3D Creation

The backgrounds

3D animation and motion design

The event

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Events and Social Media Campaigns
Visual Identity - 3D Animation - Screen Design
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