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Residence of the Chef Alice Arnoud

Client: Le Perchoir
Production : Bengale
Director of Production : Baptiste Glorion
Director : Marie Vinay
Director of photography : Georges Hauchard
Editing : Bengale

Bengale is proud to present its latest project: a video celebrating the ocean and announcing the new collaboration between chef Alice Arnoux and Le Perchoir Group. Directed by the talented Marie Vinay, this film is a poem, highlighting culinary inspiration and the importance of more responsible sourcing.

Produced and directed with friends, this film is a true tribute to nature and gastronomy, two fields that complement each other perfectly. We hope you will enjoy this inspiring creation, which defends the philosophy of cooking proposed by Alice Arnoux: to rethink our relationship with the product, to preserve our planet while offering quality culinary experiences.

We are delighted with this collaboration and the results of this video on social networks. Marie Vinay is a human-oriented director, Alice Arnoux is a renowned chef who offers inventive and quality cuisine, while Le Perchoir is an innovative restaurant group offering unique and memorable culinary experiences.

The presentation teaser


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Social Media Campaign
Video Manifesto
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