Grand Marnier

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Tutorial - Video - Advertising for Grand Marnier

Le Grand Mix

Client Grand Marnier
Production : Bengale
Agency : Combat
Direction Georges Hauchard

For this latest production in collaboration with Radio Nova, we were asked to create a series of cocktail videos for the Grand Marnier brand.

Our aim was to give new impetus to this emblematic brand -Grand Marnier, and to integrate it more fully into the world of mixology. The result: several short tutorials showcasing cocktails that can be made with this famous liqueur.

From the design phase to Direction, right through to final delivery, we managed every stage of production in-house.

As a result of this project, Radio Nova obtained a series of films in several formats, designed for broadcast on all platforms. Thanks to the expertise of our technical teams and our responsiveness, we successfully completed this project.

The film series

Cocktail tutorial

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Social Media Campaign
Tutorial - Video - Advertising
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