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Mini Series - Portrait - Interview for GQ - Déroule


Agency: Condénast
Production : Bengale
Direction : Robin de Corbière
Cameramen : Isaac Mazeran, Arthur Girard
Editing : Robin de Corbière

A series of intimate interviews conducted for GQ magazine.

Humorists, columnists and artists meet face to face with journalist Thibaud Michalet. During a frank and sincere exchange, the guests talk about themselves over a coffee. It's also an opportunity to talk about their careers and current events.

A coffee table, two cameras and two microphones, that's all we needed to make these videos that we wanted to be simple, clear and real. It happened that the cameramen intervened or were questioned by the guests during the discussion.

Thanks to Jérôme Commandeur for this little morning snack full of humor and facetiousness.

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Media Content
Mini Series - Portrait - Interview
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