Social Media Campaign
Mini Series - Product Video for Etam

Love in the Real World

Client Etam
Production : Bengale
Agency : Résidence Digitale
Producer : Robin de Corbière
Production Manager : Baptiste Glorion
Art Direction : Lisa Bordjha
Direction Art Director : Marie Vinay
Cinematographer : Romain Rampillon
Chief electrician : Alexandra Fischer
Editing : Nathalie Safir
Calibration : Antoine Ravage

"L'amour en vrai" is a digital mini-series developed by the agency Résidence Digital and produced by Bengale for the brand Etam. The director Marie Vinay plunges us into an intimate and touching daily life by diverting the codes of Valentine's Day.
These six films were shot in Paris thanks to the professionalism of our creative and technical teams. For this frank and inspiring digital campaign, we wanted to work with high-end camera and lighting equipment to achieve a cinematic look. Once again, Bengale has done everything possible to ensure a pre-production, a shooting and a post-production in less than 2 weeks.

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Love in real life

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Social Media Campaign
Mini Series - Product Video
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