Social Media Campaign
Lookbook for Adjamée

The Quest For The Perfect Fabric

This is our social media campaign for fabric brand Adjamée. We created a suitcase of textured visuals inspired by the designer's travels between Ghana, Peru and Australia in search of the perfect fabric. We used a variety of media such as photos, short videos and graphic design to bring this campaign to life.

Our creative team worked to design and produce a campaign that reflects the essence of Adjamée products: colorful fabrics and vibrant patterns that transport people across cultures and traditions. We sought to strike the right balance between nature, which inspires traditional designs and paintings, stunning landscapes brought back from travel, and captivating visuals of fabrics in action and modern graphics.

Whether you are a fashion enthusiast or an avid traveler, we are confident that you will be delighted by Adjamée.

The campaign film


The lookbook


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Social Media Campaign
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